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  • Turboshift Electrum 20ml Turboshift Electrum 20ml

    Turbo Dork USA Turboshift Electrum 20ml

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    So... back in the day we accidentally switched the Electrum and Radium pigments when we made our first batches. Consequently the name doesn't really match the color anymore, but it's been far too long to change them back, so here we are.  With a reddish tint in the bottle, Electrum exhibits a subtle color shift between green, gold, and a hint of warm something or other on the finish. It is always changing and doesn't have an either/or kind of look. Paint Type: Turboshift Tone: midrange Recommended Primer: black Size: 20 ml bottle #turbo #dork #turboshifters #20ml #electrum

    Nog 3 op voorraad



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