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  • Citadel Medium Glaze Brush (1 St) Citadel Medium Glaze Brush (1 St)

    Citadel Citadel Medium Glaze Brush (1 St)

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    Featuring synthetic bristles for optimal shape retention and the finest point, this medium brush (M Glaze) will make short work of applying Citadel Glaze paints to your miniatures. Detail work is made quick and easy - you’ll be amazed by what you can do!

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  • Citadel Synthetic medium Glaze Brush

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    Glazing your models is a great way to add extra colour definition to a completed paint job, and to avoid any messy corrections we've designed the Citadel Colour STC Glaze brush with maximum shape retention in mind. This means that your glazes only go where you want them to, and the medium-sized bristles pick up just the right amount of paint to avoid pooling in the recesses. As a Citadel STC brush, the bristles have been made out of the finest 100% synthetic fibres Games Workshop have ever produced, helping to maintain the ideal brush shape and prevent curling at the tip. This brush has been carefully designed to accurately place your glazes only where you need them. It's an excellent companion to regular Citadel brushes, designed to work perfectly with the Citadel Colour paint range. #citadel #glaze #brush #stc

    5 in stock



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