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  • Steamforge City

    Steamforge City is a realm in Bloodfields wargame that contains 3 factions: Vampire Hunter miniatures, Metalbeard Dwarves models, and Tinerking Gnomes collection.

  • Savage Tribes

    Savage tribes is a fraction in Bloodfields containing Northern Barbarians factions: Jurassic Amazons, Blackland Orcs, and Roaming Barbarians

  • Noble Alliance

    The realm of the free - Noble Alliance. Whether you are playing with soldiers from Griffon Knights, Highborn Elves of the Redleaf Forest, or Zealots from the Wildwood Brotherhood, you will find all Bloodfielsd miniatures here.

  • Legion of Death

    Legion of Death realm features unholy miniatures for Bloodfields wargame. Gravehaunt Vampires use vampire lords and zombies. Miniatures from Undead Dominion are a royal court from hell. And Demonic Kingdom features demons and demonic lord miniatures.

  • Forgotten Empire

    Dragon Empire miniatures and Mythborn Yokai miniatures belong to the Forgotten Empire realm of Bloodfields. The collection inspired by Japanese, Chinese, and other Easter mythologies and cultures allows you to cast Dragon Missiles and control Yin-Yang.

  • Cursed Sands

    Arabian Nights and Egyptian mythology miniatures are part of the Cursed Sands realm. In Bloodfields it consists of three armies - Gods of Sun and Sands, Bazaar of Miracles, and Cult of Flame.

  • Caves of Corruption

    Explore the Bloodfields Caves of Corruption realm. Sullen Swampfolk with mushroom miniatures and swamp creatures. Kashan Vra Dwarves miniatures corrupted by chaos. Everdark Elves miniatures with dark beasts and auras. And the enlightened Vile Dragonborn miniatures.

  • Bloodmoon Bay

    Welcome to Bloodmoon Bay. Nautical home of the pirates and mystic falls that turn people into shapeshifters. Werewolf miniatures from Beastshape Tribes reign the land and Ogre miniatures from Bloodsail Ogres control the sea.

  • Mercenaries and...

    Sellswords that include Mercenary miniatures and Warmachine miniatures can be mixed with every other army in Bloodfields. Balance your roster with those multi-purpose warriors and artilleries and enjoy these multipurpose miniatures in many games.

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1 - 20 van 67 produkten getoond