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  • Artefacters

    Treasure hunters, tomb robbers, adventurers, scavengers and rogues: an Artefacter cuts a glamorous, but undoubtedly nefarious, figure. Often dashing, brave to the point of recklessness, and willing to risk their life for personal gain. They can be found wandering the wilds for valuable artefacts from a bygone age, from which, they hope to become fabulously rich... 

    However, there is more to these ambiguous figures than the mercenary opportunist image they project. Underneath the gloss of avarice and roguish indifference lies a secret… 

    Few know the truth, but there are rumours that the Artefacters hold to a higher purpose. There are even whispers that they are agents of the ‘New Enlightenment’...

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  • Firm

    Wherever you find a person willing to do a days work for a days living you can usually find someone else, plotting ways to take it from them. 

    Some people call this survival of the fittest, but most of us have a different word for it: crime. 

    The Firm are the gangsters and organised criminals of Ulaya. Protection racketeering, theft, robbery, banditry, the sale and supply of illicit substances and services: all of these things are their stock and trade. Violent brutality and ruthlessness permeate all that they do. 

    The true extent of their power is not known, and few are brave or foolhardy enough to find out…

  • Militia

    In a world full of terrifying dangers, independent settlements are particularly vulnerable to attack. Without any sort of formal defence force it often falls on communities to organise protection amongst themselves. The bravest and most proficient citizens form a volunteer force of enthusiastic amateurs, who serve as much time as they can, protecting others against the many dangers which their community face. 

    These are the Militias: patrolling the nearby countryside, maintaining fortifications and defending their way of life against all those who threaten them.

  • Wayfarers

    Mysterious guns for hire, the Wayfarers are a secretive guild of mercenaries with no single purpose, but many allied secrets and aims. It is said they are controlled by a shadowy figure, the identity of which even the most important Wayfarers have never seen. This mystery leader is the heart and soul of the Wayfarers, organising which jobs they take, and which they reject. 

    No wayfarer is ever obliged to take a job which has been offered, and it is known that many Wayfarers will turn their nose up at particularly unsavoury or immoral work. That said, their reliability and effectiveness is famed throughout Ulaya, and their services are in high demand. 

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  • Bondsmen

    There are many different kinds of mercenary, but perhaps the most feared are the bounty hunters who ask no questions: The United League of Bondsmen. 

    A Bondsman may tell you he is part of a great tradition of hunting down transgressors and dangerous criminals, but the truth is quite different. Their only qualification is brutality, martial skill and a complete lack of moral qualms. Officially they are bounty hunters and thief takers. In reality more often than not they are slave-catchers, assassins and hired muscle. 

    Their motto speaks for itself. For the Bondsman, cash talks, and the question “why?” is a mere formality.

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  • Beasts

    Ulaya is teaming with dangerous wildlife. The years after The Event saw a massive extinction event, where much of the world's flora and fauna were killed off by the changing conditions. However, a new, verdant world has emerged: A hot, humid world perfectly suited to many of the resurrected and genetically engineered species created by the Pre-Event civilisation. 

    The descendants of those survivors now dominate the landscape, and are feared by all. And yet, some beasts, however ferocious can be tamed...

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  • Corsairs

    The latest addition in faction of The Drowned Earth, Corsairs.

    Many of these models are also used as NPC figures in Ulaya Chronicles.

    The Nova Corsairs are pirates, explorers and plunderers of the high seas! They can be used as a faction in their own right, or as part of a dedicated Wayfarer faction, without restriction.

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