Malifaux 3rd - Euripides Core Box


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Faction core box of Neverborn

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The newest master of the Neverborn is Euripides, an ancient prophet of the giants who has descended from the mountains at the behest of Titania. As a creature of ice and frost, Euripides is capable of creating ice pillars across the battlefield and hurling them at his enemies, controlling the battlefield, or even teleporting to the pillars in a Shattering Surprise. In addition to their frozen tricks, Euripides and his rune-bound Savages also worship using The Old Ways, allowing them to flip cards from their discard pile, rather than their Fate Deck.

Malifaux models are  32mm 'heroic' scale miniature made of high quality plastic. Will require some preparation and assembly.

Faction: Neverborn

Keyword: Savage


  • Euripides

  • Primordial Magic

  • Thoon

  • 3 Gigants

This kit is made of plastic and is unpainted

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  • Aantal in set-verpakking zie lijst - 6 miniaturen
  • Samenstellingen Plastic grijs & ongeverfd
  • Eigenschappen core box
  • Merk Wyrd games
  • Aandacht voor: Faction of Neverborn

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Malifaux 3rd - Euripides Core Box

Malifaux 3rd - Euripides Core Box

Faction core box of Neverborn

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