Old Dominion Mounted Strategos


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Medium Cavalry

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The origins of chivalry and the feudal order can, like almost all institutions of the Hundred Kingdoms, be traced back to the establishment of the Kataphraktoi Taghmata in the Old Dominion. Their cost of their mount, equipment and deployment as well as effectiveness on the battlefield set these warriors on a league of their own. A Mounted Strategos is the epitome of this ancient warrior code, a paragon of a bygone age mounted on his ritual companion, whose faded glory and tattered panoply cannot dim the blazing intellect and sheer will that smolder within this faded vessel.

In Game Role

●    Battlefield Role: Character
●    Class: Medium
●    Type: Cavalry

Box Contents

●    1 Plastic Character Miniature
●    1 Cavalry Plastic Base
●    1 Cavalry Plastic Stand
●    1 Command Card

Product Information

●    Assembly: Required. 
●    Box size: 7.4x10.4x3.7cm; 50grs
●    Material: Plastic
●    Scale: 38mm

#conquest #mounted #strategos #old #dominion #medium #cavalry

  • Aantal in set-verpakking 1 figuur
  • Samenstellingen Resin
  • Eigenschappen Old Dominion
  • Merk Para Bellum Wargames

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Old Dominion Mounted Strategos

Old Dominion Mounted Strategos

Medium Cavalry

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