Army transport Bag


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Transport Case

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ARMY Transport Bag has been specifically designed to protect your miniatures while in transit. Made of lightweight, hard-wearing, and padded Oxford fabric for long-term durability will allow you to carry more than 200 miniatures sound and safe and distributed among its 4 levels.

It includes a reinforced MDF Cabinet to guarantee a resistant structure, 4 removable metalized trays, one long restraint strap and one top handle for comfortable handling, and finally 11 adjustable heights to place the trays with your miniatures.

If you want to gain a few extra centimeters of inner space, you could remove the first lower MDF tray, and glue the metallized rubber directly to the base of the case. To make this modification, simply cut with scissors the rubber so that it can fit. By doing so, the lower level will no longer be removable.

Size: 7x11,8x11,8 in. (18x30x30cm). Total weight 3kg. Assembly instructions inside.


- 1x Army Transport Bag

- 1x Complete cabinet

- 4x Trays + 4x adhesive metallized rubber sheets

Warning: This case must protect your miniatures, so it is absolutely necessary to reinforce the assembly with PVA glue.

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  • Aantal in set-verpakking 1 army bag
  • Samenstellingen 1 tas, inzet, 4 planken beplakt met steel rubber sheets
  • Eigenschappen verstelbare planken
  • Merk GreenStuffWorld
  • Aandacht voor: Mail ons wanneer niet op voorraad, wij bestellen 2 keer per maand en u kunt exemplaren reserveren.

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Army transport Bag

Army transport Bag

Transport Case

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