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Chosen by the Library of All Things to receive its gifts, Linh Ly oversees the Red Library, transcribing and documenting information on the Three Kingdoms. Linh Ly’s crew is split between the workers of the Red Library, who scour its every nook and cranny, and living Stories that represent famous myths, monsters, and heroes. As such, the Red Library Keyword allows models to manipulate their own deck, and the Well-Versed Ability lets them look at the top card of their deck and discard it before flipping. Linh Ly uses her control of the Red Library to Drop and manipulate Scheme Markers, while her Keeper of the Red Library Ability grants her extra protection while standing near them.

Malifaux models are  32mm 'heroic' scale miniature made of high-quality plastic. Will require some preparation and assembly.

Faction: Ten Thunders

Keyword: Red Library


  • 6x Miniatures

    • 1x Linh Ly, Bibliothecary
    • 1x Jade Rabbit
    • 1x Map Map
    • 3x Bookeepers

This kit is made of plastic and is unpainted

#malifaux #3rd #edition #ten #thunders #faction #core #box


  • Aantal in set-verpakking: zie lijst - 6 miniaturen
  • Fractie/Faction: Ten Thunders
  • Samenstellingen: Plastic grijs & ongeverfd
  • Eigenschappen: Nog in elkaar te zetten & verven
  • Merk: Wyrd games

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