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Spirit Island is an award-winning, cooperative, settler-destruction strategy game for 1 to 4 players designed by R. Eric Reuss and set in an alternate-history world. Players act as different spirits of the land, each with their own unique elemental powers, forced to defend their island home from colonizing Invaders spreading Blight and destruction. Players work with their fellow Spirits and the Dahan (local islanders) to increase their power and drive the invading colonists from their island in this deep and complex area-control game!

If you're interested in expanding your collection and playing even more Spirit Island, our Expansion Packs add a variety of mechanics, Adversaries, and scenarios to challenge players. The Island still has a hope, though: with over sixteen additional Spirits across our expansions for you and your allies to learn and turn the tide of the settler threat, there will be no surrender until the Blight tears apart the land, or the last white-sailed ship is driven from the Island's shores.

  • Spirit Island: Jagged Earth
  • Spirit Island: Feather and Flame

#spirit #island #core #set #cooperative #strategy #settler


  • Samenstellingen: 1-4 spelers
  • Eigenschappen: cooperatief strategisch spel
  • Merk: GreaterThanGames
  • Aandacht voor: Expensions set voor 4-6 spelers beschikbaar

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