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Fluor kleuren

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  • Fluor paint White (17ml)

    GreenStuffWorld Fluor paint White (17ml)

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    Fluor Paint - WHITE These opaque fluorescent acrylic paints will make your miniatures and dioramas vividly colourful. They are characterised by their highly intense brightness, reaching maximum brightness over white paint. In addition, they react and glow under ultraviolet/black light, offering an infinite number of creative possibilites. Non-toxic. Valid for brush and airbrush. Content: 1x 17ml bottle Available in various colors. *This Paint may contain a protective seal, remove before use. #white #fluor #paint #acrylic #greenstuffworld #17ml

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  • Fluor pigment White (30ml) Fluor pigment White (30ml)

    GreenStuffWorld Fluor pigment White (30ml)

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    Bright colored fluorescent pigments are able to glow under ultraviolet light, available in many varying colors for a wide variety of distinctive effects for your models. Apply these fluor pigments directly over any surface. We recommend mixing them with mediums, paints, varnish, or pigment fixers for them to stay permanently. These pigments are non-toxic, but you should avoid inhaling the dust. Contents: 1 bottle of 30ml. #white #fluor #pigment #greenstuffworld #30ml

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