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Akara Mounted: Bondsman Leader Bondsmen

The defining moment of Akara's life was when the passenger boat carrying her family and about forty other refugees sank in the deep Eastern jungle. She was 7, and the only survivor. In fact, There is no better word for Akara. She did not return to civilisation for another nine years, surviving alone in the forest when, against all odds, she was adopted by a family of Yuttaraptors and lived as one of them. Her attitude towards civilisation is mixed. While she values the comfort and convenience of many aspects of living within society she despises most people, and longs to hunt once again in the jungle. Her reputation is a fierce one. While Limossk's leadership style is all about personal prowess Akara organises her crew like a pack of Yuttaraptors, striking together at the opportune moment to overwhelm her enemy with confusion and disorder. Cooperation gets results, and Akara is valued as one of the Plantation Council's best enforcers. 

Give Akara extra resilience and a blisteringly scary charge, where barrelling other models out of the way and knocking them down combines with her innate abilities to create chaos and disrupt your enemy’s plans. 

Akara Mounted is a multi-part metal wargaming miniature in 35mm scale. The model is lead free, and comes supplied with a 50mm base and profile card.

#akara #bondsman #bondsmen #leader #mounted #drowned #earth


  • Aantal in set-verpakking: 1 L miniatuur
  • Fractie/Faction: Bondsmen
  • Samenstellingen: wit metaal
  • Eigenschappen: Ongeverfd & in elkaar te zetten
  • Merk: Olmec Games

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