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Arctic Set

With this selection of materials and paints, you will be able to create snowy and frozen terrains, as well as replicate the typical effects of cold areas. The different decorative icicles, ice chunks, vegetation, and winter animals included in this set will allow you to customize your scale model or diorama, giving a unique and inhospitable touch to the scene. Perfect for beginners and hobbyists alike, these modeling and wargaming materials will help you bring your vision to life.


  • Tuft Glue 60ml
  • Snow Texture - SNOW 30ml
  • REALISTIC Snow Modeling (30-40g)
  • Transparent Crackle Paint - WINTERFELL PLAINS 
  • Organic GLASS Sheet
  • Splash Gel - Water Effect
  • Liquid Frost - Frost Effect
  • Varnish Gloss - Gloss Varnish 17ml
  • Dipping ink paint 60 ml - BLUE GLACIER DIP
  • Resin pieces: plants, melted elements
  • Resin parts: transparent stalactites and ice plates

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  • Gewicht/Inhoud: 855gr
  • Aantal in set-verpakking: zie omschrijving
  • Samenstellingen: complete set om op bases of diorama in winter na te bootsen
  • Eigenschappen: zelf samenstellen of kies voorbeeld uit het bijgeleverde boekje
  • Merk: GreenStuffWorld
  • Aandacht voor: Onderdelen zijn ook los bij te bestellen bij ons dus je kunt oneindig combineren.

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