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Corsairs Faction Starter Box Wayfarers

This starter set for the Corsairs Faction contains 5 multi-part miniatures: Jay, Mach, Jibb, Noala and Uxhi.

At last! The release of the Corsairs faction. The Nova Corsairs are pirates, explorers and plunderers of the high seas! They can be used as a faction in their own right, or as part of a dedicated Wayfarer faction, without restriction (but not with any other faction). 

They can also be used to replace the NPC Standees in Ulaya Chronicles: Raptor Claw Island or as protagonists in the Ulaya Chronicles: Search for the Ancient Gate mini-campaign. 

Each model is also supplied with an appropriately sized base.  These models require assembly.

#corsairs #starter #faction #box #drowned #earth


  • Aantal in set-verpakking: 5 miniaturen
  • Fractie/Faction: Corsairs
  • Samenstellingen: wit metaal
  • Eigenschappen: nog in elkaar te zetten & verven
  • Merk: Olmec Games

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