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Sword & Sorcery - Ancient Chronicles is a fully cooperative fantasy board game where players control legendary heroes with unique powers. One to five players control heroes awakened from the dead and made immortal by the will of the Gods, to destroy the corrupted deities scattered across the starless, stone-ceiling realm of the Underreign, with its dangerous ruins, ominous caves, and exotic cities. This new season will bring the game system to the next level, with new features enhancing the storytelling and broadening the scope of the players’ adventures, introducing a greater variety of enemies, and more possibilities for the Heroes.

In Sword & Sorcery - Ancient Chronicles players will find ultra-detailed 32mm scale plastic figures, playable Solo or fully cooperative Group gameplay (no Game Master is required!) using modular map tiles, creating endless combinations of scenarios. It will be possible to explore the world of Sword & Sorcery employing a kingdom map and exploring the cities, using a sophisticated combat and magic system to fight enemies, and experiencing a deep narrative campaign, following the stories proposed by the Book of Secrets, a story system which allows the players to explore different paths each time they play.

The game features ultra detailed 32mm scale figures and modular boards, several decks of cards, Solo Play, high character customization, sophisticated combat and magic system, and quests designed to be completed in about 90 minutes or less.

The Ancient Chronicles campaign is set in the distant past of the events narrated in the Immortal Souls campaign.

New features in the game:

  • No Game Master needed. Play alone or with up to 5 players together against the game system itself.
  • No player elimination. Dying, becoming a ghost soul and resurrecting your Hero are part of the game engine.
  • A real story-driven campaign with multiple outcomes, a main plot and several optional Quests.
  • World and city exploration, with different paths and ventures to discover.
  • Multiple development paths for your Heroes.
  • A sophisticated tactical combat system, based on custom ten-sided dice.
  • An advanced artificial intelligence engine for Enemies and Master Enemies.
  • Customizable difficulty level, thanks to the different options provided with the game rules and granted by the Challenge set.
  • Full backward compatibility with Sword & Sorcery: Immortal Souls heroes and enemies.
  • Crafting, Loots, Treasures, Traps and many other aspects of a true fantasy legendary adventure are a part of the game!
  • Familiars, a new type of faithful companions for all your Heroes.

Boardgamegeek review 8.6 (388reviews)

It's time to become part of the Sword & Sorcery legend!

Ancient Chronicles is compatible with the acclaimed Immortal Souls saga.

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  • Samenstellingen: op zichzelf staand core set
  • Eigenschappen: miniaturen kant&klaar
  • Merk: Ares Games
  • Aandacht voor: Gratis verzending

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