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Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest is the Classic Dungeon Crawler of Swords and Sorcery. Embark on a fantasy adventure for up to 5 players in the Dungeon Saga board game! With highly detailed game-pieces and learn-as-you-play rules, this set contains everything you need to transform your table-top into a magical world of heroes and monsters.

The story begins...

Deep beneath the ruins of the dwarfen city of Dolgarth, the evil necromancer Mortibris has uncovered an ancient magical book: the Tome of Valandor. With this powerful artefact, Mortibris has the ability to bring the land to its knees. Are you brave enough to try and stop Mortibris and his army of the undead?

Heroes unite...

Take your pick from one of four courageous adventurers. Will you choose from the powerful Barbarian, the stalwart Dwarf, deadly Elf Archer or apprentice wizard? Each has their own strengths and abilities, but you’ll have to work together to overcome Mortibris.

An ancient evil...

The ruins of Dolgarth are full of terrible monsters, from shambling zombies to terrifying Banshees. One player takes on the role of the Overlord, who must do whatever it takes to stop the heroes from achieving their goal. Using the special Overlord Cards, the evil player can summon minions, trigger special events and generally vex the efforts of the adventurers.

Legends will be born...

Play through a campaign of 10 inter-linked scenarios, with plenty of twists and turns along the way. Each hero has the opportunity to level up and become even more powerful – and they’ll need all the help they can get, as they face Mortibris’ most horrifying creations.

And it will go on...

If you survive the Halls of Dolgarth, Dungeon Saga has a number of expansions featuring new missions, new heroes and, of course, new monsters!

The Dwarf King?s Quest Core Game is packaged in a box designed to look like an ancient magical artefact. It includes:

All of the rules to play Dungeon Saga:
8-Page Step-by-step Quick Start guide
24-Page Dungeon Saga Rulebook
32-Page Dungeon Saga Quest Book

26 Battle-ready Coloured Plastic Miniatures (no assembly required)
Orlaf the Barbarian
Rordin the Dwarf Fighter
Madriga the Elven Ranger
Danor the Human Wizard
Mortibris the Necromancer
Elshara the Elven Banshee
Grund the Undead Dwarf King
Hoggar the Undead Zombie
Troll Shaman
4 Skeleton Warriors in two different poses
4 Zombies in two different poses
2 Skeleton Archers
2 Basilean Armoured Zombies
2 Ghosts
2 Dwarf Revenants
2 Zombie Trolls

A Fully Interactive 3D Dungeon:

33 double-sided Dungeon Room and Corridor Tiles made of thick card.

50 clear plastic clips to hold your dungeon together

10 plastic Dungeon Doors: 6 Small Doors 2 Small Portcullises 2 Double Doors

22 pieces of plastic Dungeon furniture, including: 4 Treasure Chests with Lids 4 Barrels 2 Tables 1 Bookcase 1 Sorcerer's Cabinet 1 Well 1 Lectern with Book 1 Throne 1 Tomb 1 Weapon Rack

Everything you need to play:

8 double-sided Character Cards for your heroes and villains

1 Overlord Panel for the Necromancer player

6 Bone-coloured Overlord dice

6 Blue-coloured Hero Dice

22 Overlord Command Cards

9 Minor Spell Cards

12 Major Spell Cards

27 Magic Item Cards

8 Ability Cards

1 Long Range Ruler

1 Short Range Ruler

24 Wound Counters

4 Hero Counters

24 Piles of Bones

6 Weak Point Counters

1 Cave In Counters

3 Petty Magic Spell Effect Counters

1 Geomancy Spell Effect Counter

1 Sorcery Spell Effect Counter

4 Necromancy Spell Effect Counters

1 You are in my Power Counter

16 Experience Counters

1 Banshee Heart in 4 Pieces

15 Door Counters

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  • Aantal in set-verpakking: 1 complete startset
  • Samenstellingen: 2-5 spelers
  • Eigenschappen: miniaturen behoeven geen assembly
  • Merk: Mantic games

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