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The creatures that humanity has dubbed the Neverborn are the native inhabitants of Malifaux. Some are the twisted descendants of the world’s original occupants, while others are nightmarish ghouls created through bizarre spells or magically-enhanced evolution. Many Neverborn believe that humanity is a scourge that must be cleansed, but those rare few believe that they have an important role in this world’s greater schemes. Only time will tell.

Zoraida has solidified her position as the queen of Action manipulation. In addition to moving other models around the battlefield according to her whims, she also possesses a great deal of card manipulation, both via cycling cards whenever the opponent Cheats Fate and her powerful Threads of Fate Action, which forces both players to discard their hand and draw six new cards. As is fitting for a bunch of creatures that live in the swamp, the Ability most often found among the Swampfiend is Penetrating Stench, forcing enemies around them to discard cards or gain the Stunned Condition.

Malifaux models are  32mm 'heroic' scale miniature made of high-quality plastic. Will require some preparation and assembly.

Faction: Neverborn, Bayou

Keyword: Swampfiend


  • Zoraida
  • Bad Juju
  • Voodoo Doll
  • Waldgeists x3

This kit is made of plastic and is unpainted

#malifaux #3rd #edition #bayou #neverborn #faction #core #box


  • Aantal in set-verpakking: zie lijst - 6 miniaturen
  • Samenstellingen: Plastic grijs & ongeverfd
  • Eigenschappen: core box
  • Merk: Wyrd games
  • Aandacht voor: Faction of Bayou & Neverborn

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