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Players claim victory by vanquishing the enemy pantheon or destroying the opponent’s home base!

Innovative RingChip System allows players to see. at a glance, how healthy and powered-up their gods are, without having to keep track with paper, pencil, dice or tokens. No two games are alike thanks to card draw, miniature placement, emergent combos and shifting strategies.

Fast, Aggressive style

High Heavens is meant to be played aggressively. The god cards bring unique characters and abilities to the board while Divine Power cards can be rewarding or devastating, and have immediate effects. Players must come to the table ready to rumble!

Innovative RingChip system

At the core of High Heavens is the RingChip system. Taking a cue from his years developing video games, Ryan seeks to bring easy-to-use interfaces from digital games to the table, and RingChips do just that.

At a glance, players can tell how healthy, powerful or buffed the gods are without having to keep track with paper, pencil, dice or tokens.

What is in the box?

Each copy of High Heavens includes:

  • 12 Norse god miniatures

  • 12 Greek god miniatures

  • 100 stacking, color RingChips

  • 1 seamless, soft, neoprene "board"

  • 24 Pantheon cards

  • 24 Divine Power cards

  • 2 Homebase chits

  • 3 Action Tokens

  • Rules

(Miniature figures come unpainted in the box. For painting tips, see navigation bar)

(Miniature figures come unpainted in the box)


  • Aantal in set-verpakking: zie omschrijving
  • Samenstellingen: op zichzelf staand spel; uitbreidingen mogelijk
  • Eigenschappen: miniaturen kant&klaar
  • Merk: Wild Power Games

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