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Malifaux Third Edition is a story-driven skirmish game where two players fight one of the endless skirmishes for control over the towns, settlements, and places of power in this dangerous new world. In Malifaux, the events from its extensive lore are directly carried into the characters' mechanics. With a streamlined hiring system, straight forward and updated rules that don't get in the way of the fun, and enough strategic depth to keep those mental gears turning for years to come, it's never been a better time to dive in.

As befitting his crew of terrifying zombies, Jack Daw has split his focus and now serves the Resurrectionists as well as the Outcasts. He has also shifted back towards his original roots: he only has six wounds, but each time he suffers damage, he can discard a card to reduce that damage to 1. Similarly, whenever a model in his Crew would draw cards, he can instead heal damage. The Tormented takes full of advantage of his ability to attach Curse Upgrades to enemy models with their Torment Ability, which allows them to draw a card by damaging enemy models with Upgrades.

Faction: Outcast/Resurrectionist

Keyword: Tormented


  • Jack Daw

  • Lady Ligeia

  • Montresor

  • 3 Guilty

#malifaux #3rd #edition #outcast #faction #resurrectionist #jack #daw #core #box


  • Aantal in set-verpakking: zie lijst - 6 miniaturen
  • Samenstellingen: Plastic grijs & ongeverfd
  • Eigenschappen: complete speelset
  • Merk: Wyrd games
  • Aandacht voor: Faction Resurrectionist & Outcasts

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