Welkom bij Een Kleine Wereld - Tabletop Fantasy


Afmeting 215mm breed, 320mm lang en 86mm hoog

GSW's light but sturdy protective hardback carrying case for miniatures with a versatile pick and pluck foam, precut to remove bits easily and make the right size for your miniatures.

Composed of four cushions in total, two small 8mm thick cushions that act as a base and a cover, and two larger foams 25mm thick. These can be used separately to have 25mm minis lying down, or can be stuck together using the adhesive included and make one 50mm thick foam where you can place your miniatures standing up fully protected.

It also comes with a removable velcro pocket for more storage options.

(tip: bewaar de geplukte blokjes want met dubbelzijdig tape is dit prima herbruikbaar!)

#case #kist #koffer #pluck #pick #foam #a4 #greenstuffworld


  • Gewicht/Inhoud: 400gr
  • Hoogte: 215mm
  • Breedte: 320mm
  • Diepte: 86mm
  • Aantal in set-verpakking: 1 koffer
  • Samenstellingen: vuilafstotend acryl
  • Eigenschappen: op maat te plukken voor je miniaturen
  • Merk: GreenStuffWorld
  • Kleur: zwart - blauw

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