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Black fabric background for lightbox studio

Ultra-black photography backdrops are highly sought-after in the modeling and crafting world because they enable you to achieve professional-quality finishes with minimal effort, thanks to the high color contrast they provide. The Maxx Darth™ fabric takes this to the extreme by using a blend of exclusive synthetic flocked fabrics that can absorb up to 99.9% of visible light, making it the blackest fabric on the planet.

With this ultra-black material, you can effortlessly capture images of miniatures and other small objects for photography and videography purposes, ensuring completely pure black backgrounds and zero reflections. The pictures of your miniatures will come out with high contrast directly, without needing to use Photoshop.

This photographic background includes 2 anchor holes for mounting inside the GSW Lightbox Studio.


1x Maxx Darth photography backdrop 215x455mm for lightbox studio


  • To maintain optimal light absorption performance of your background, avoid placing heavy objects on top of the flocked microfabric film, as this could cause deformation of your photo backdrop. 
  • It's crucial to keep it impeccably clean with a Sticky Hair Removal Roller to ensure that any specks of dust are not visible in your photo background due to contrasting colors.
  • If the fabric in your photo backdrop becomes wrinkled or folded, gentle brushing and indirect application of steam may help restore its shape.
  • Finally, It's important to note that this backdrop does not absorb infrared light.

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  • Hoogte: 215mm
  • Breedte: 455mm
  • Samenstellingen: speciaal samengesteld doek
  • Merk: GreenStuffWorld
  • Aandacht voor: Past bij GSW Studio Lightbox
  • Kleur: zwart

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